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Virgo Full Moon coming up, 1.53am March 13th, AEDT.

Full Moons are always a release of any emotional energy we've been holding onto all month, and Virgo has an interesting/paradoxical thing going on about feelings as follows:

Virgo is a smarty pants (and for good reason, they're ruled by clever Mercury, think things through carefully and therefore pretty damn switched on, don't you know?); and does like to analyse/categorise/rationalise their feelings into manageable units of information.

As in if I can only understand why I feel this way, I can process it more intelligently and therefore not become overwhelmed by raw, WTF urges and (god forbid) lose control! Which is understandable, as such a sensitive energy as Virgo feels everything so acutely that they're always looking for ways to pull the reins in and control the crazy roller coaster that is life. Hence their reputation as the highly composed, cool-cats of the zodiac.

But Virgo is also highly, acutely tuned in to their own physicality -Virgo is health and well being central! And you know what, our emotions move through our body (hence the term emotional body in holistic health circles); so when we live in our body healthfully/feel our physical self fully, we've no choice but to feel and actually experience our emotions fully as well -as opposed to intellectualising and detaching from them. Know what I mean?

Of course the above doesn't just apply to Virgo this Full Moon, we're all going to be working on getting the balance right this week. Strong feelings rise up, we're tempted to go batshit crazy on them but instead we hold the space to contain the experience, for long enough to select an intelligent response rather than just lashing/acting out chaotically. But meanwhile we dig deep and really feel things in all their glorious intensity!

I don't have to tell you this is easier said than done, of course -but we give it our best shot.

The reason the emotions feel so goddamn primal crazy here is that volcanic, limbic Pluto is on board; and the reason we can manage this and this Moon is so beautifully transformative is that the wise, wounded healer Chiron and intelligent Mercury are also very much involved here, helping us move forward with a new and improved self awareness.

Yes, we've got this, a bit of courage, emotional honesty and self control goes a very long way here... well done in advance...

Happy Virgo Full Moon x

Image 2: Tippi Hedren on the set of “The Birds” ~ Hitchcock

Image 3: Hugh Grant, Love Actually

Image 4: Milan Cvetanovic

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