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In my Venus in Aries post here, I pointed out that Venus in Aries for 3 1/2 months is quite a long time to be firing up our fab love/art/beauty mojo; and that she spends much of it wonking out retrograde -starting now.

So March 5th- April 16th is Venus in backwards motion and a great time to re-evaluate, revise, re-hash, revitalize and rediscover our best attitude to all things Venusian, as follows:

Beauty. This is where we grow impatient/bored silly by our old, habitual beauty regime and prime time to scheme a whole new look. Yes, Aries is spunky and our aesthetic sensibilities are bound to be sharp and on point. But the retrograde phase is more clearing out -brilliant for a ruthless wardrobe cull/maybe cutting a few more inches of any tired frizzy ends off at the next haircut/and play with new colours/products/beauty treatments/styling. But not rushing into anything drastic just yet (especially be mindful of anything permanent like tattooing/cosmetic tattooing -and if you must ,double check your designs first!), as the chances of rushing in with Aries impetuousness, then looking back with WTF was I thinking is kinda high, lol.

We're experimenting and finessing our style for the moment, and more ready to debut our new magnificence from mid-April.

Actually this is a great time to hit the gym/yoga mat/running track and prepare to show off a stronger bod in coming months (Aries loves a workout). Although it must be said that the real benefits of a fierce exercise regime is in the mental clarity, fab life-affirming endorphins and personal discipline; we don't want to get too caught up in any body beautiful/vanity aspect of it.

And same goes for our art/design/creative/biz process. The next 5 weeks are for playing with ideas/experimenting with techniques/making some creative mistakes and then reworking/refining until we're happy -so nice to give ourselves time to get this right! Again, we'll have our groove and creative confidence on that much more clearly by mid April -the better to put ourselves out there/push any schemes forward more decisively by then.

And then of course there's love. Love goddess Venus is more independent, fiesty and romantically impatient than usual in Aries. So she's not taking any shizz/compromising herself just to settle for some 'safe' idea of pair-bonding. It's respectful and for real or she's off, very happily doing her own, autonomous thing.

But she's also the hungry hunter if she is in love. Aries loves the thrill of the chase, and isn't scared to bare her soul and go in hot pursuit if she's into it. We're not fluffing around with subtle mind-reading/playing games/waiting around for the 'right time' here - if it's on it's on and we're brave enough to take a risk on big declarations/asking some cutie out/asserting ourselves more healthfully with our partners for a more authentic, rocking connection. Great, but there is a fine line between hot frisson and combative sexual/romantic tension just for the sake of picking a fight, know what I mean?

But again, the retro phase of Venus doesn't work so well for any forced forward momentum. It's more about combing over old 'issues' with our lovers, the better to patiently tease out a new & improved approach/lurking around sussing out the lay of the land before we pounce on anyone new/dealing with the unresolved shizz or re-kindled potential with any exes coming out of the woodwork (yes, its more likely right now).

You see the challenge here, of course. We're simply bursting with romantic impatience and want to get the hell on with it... yes but the brakes are on till mid April. It's emotionally character building to sit with any romantic tensions going on right now (there are plenty); and take the time to get it right in full, brave integrity. The rewards will come when Venus gets moving in 5 weeks and we'll see much more clearly where things are heading. Well done in advance?

Ok so let's get this right; the next five weeks are for channelling our fierce love/art/biz/beauty moxy with utmost positivity -but remember to also give things plenty of space, flexibility and time to reveal their optimum outcomes. Big things are coming but we stay playful, open minded and as patient as we can manage for best results. The more we prepare wisely here, the more mid-April onwards is gonna rock! x

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