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Well Venus monopolising your work/lifestyle sector until mid June could exacerbate any workaholic tendencies from Saturn’s make big coin whilst you can ruthless earning/get ahead attitude in your income sector. Or it could be you saying fuq the daily grind, I need to go lush out and have some fun –I deserve it & who’s gonna stop me?

Probably some weird combo of the above –work hard/play hard/grab life by the balls much this month? Yes, and knowing you you’ll love the adrenal thrill of a living to the hilt –especially with Uranus in your work sector running on the nervous energy of inspired/crazy risk taking more than anything remotely practical. Which could be kinda fab and all…

But do watch the burnout factor, given that Venus is retrograde all month –where you ideally revise and finesse the work/life/health balance rather than charge around burning the candle at both ends. For a wild-child, lover of extremes such as yourself, I know it’s a fine line between brilliant personal breakthrough and actual exhaustion; but this is exactly the balance you are being called to get right this month –think about that for a good time.

Think: self care, cultivating your brilliant talent/scheming the next move patiently this month could make the big career momentum of mid April-mid June so much more effective. Savvy?

And then we have sexy Mars charging up your partnership sector from March 10th-late April. Oh yes, one hotter than usual love life coming up…

You are the hungry hunter…out chasing the scent of attraction and seizing next -level love action, or so aware of whoever is after you and ready to go when they knock on your door. Or if partnered you feel a visceral new buzz sparking up between you for a sparky, fresh sense of connection. But you might also want to watch the tetchy, impatient factor here; any unaddressed flashpoints -in any of your relationships- are all too easily triggered, for a satisfying little burst of conflict to clear the air. Keep it conscious!

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