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The next 3 1/2 months is wildly interesting for the Cancer career and you know why? You have Venus strutting her sparkling beauty/art/money/creativity/charm stuff in your biz sector until June–so your natural talent and shameless self-promotion is on a definite upward swing for a while. Endless opportunities to professionally shine much? Oh yes!

But the twist is that Venus is retrograde all March –so for the moment it’s more about re-evaluating, finessing and polishing vocational strategies, than so much getting out and actually grabbing any new projects just yet. Sit tight, plan wisely and play with your creative moxy this month; the better to launch something fab around the New Moon of the 28th and then really move it forward by the time Venus gets moving by mid April… by then you’ll be so ready to unleash your genius upon the world...

I mean admittedly Uranus in your biz sector aggravated by Jupiter is pretty impatient; to the extent you’re making lifestyle changes to better tweak the work/home/relationship balance, you’re on the move and want to damn well get on with it already…

With go-gettem Mars in your social networking sector from the 10th, just in time for an inspiring Full Moon in your ideas/communication sector on the 13th - if anything you are working that 'it’s not what you know it’s who you know' dynamic for best results. Friends, confidantes, your wider tribe are a fab source of thrashing out new concepts/collaborative ventures/constructive criticism; the better to take the time to align you with your best path in coming months.

And of course love goddess Venus in such primo position for months on end has got to be good for your love life! If single, you’re not scared to show off your desirability, flirtatious wiles and spunk in the world the better to rustle up some action. And if partnered, you bother to give your lover top billing in your life for a while the better to optimise your lovely connection. Again, March may be more about right intention here, and the rewards of this flow more freely by April –something to look forward to!

Image: Jenny Woods,

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