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Mars in your work sector avails you of a fiercer than usual, rocking work ethic until March 10th; so you might as well figure out what you want to do with all this motivation, for maximum achievement whilst you can huh?

I mean you can achieve so much right now; whether it’s progress on the day job, some biz venture or even a fully committed fitness regime for a stronger, healthier body and mind to serve you for the rest of the year…

So you’ve gotta love Venus also in your work sector for the next 3 1/2 months… You come to terms with your most natural, innate talent and make sure you’re doing that for a living as opposed to some boring, energy-draining obligation you don’t really care about. Enjoying your life is so much easier when you enjoy your daily, vocational gig; and the next few months is a great chance to make it happen.

And to the extent that Lilith recently in your sign has stripped your personal ambitions down the most raw, essential plan that really matters to you for a more satisfying life path; Lilith hitting your income sector from the 15th -right after a fab Full Moon Eclipse in your career sector on the 11th- is perfect for monetising your unique genius. You grab a supremely confident attitude to unbridled success, wealth and personal freedom on your own terms and run with it –this could work!

Ok and the Venus/Mars action in early Feb is also interesting for the Scorpio love life:

If you happen to be single/on the prowl I would look no further than the day job/daily routine for your most promising flirt moment. Could be the next biz meeting, the gym or your some random trip to the supermarket where some cutie could spring out from right under your nose when you least expect it. Or if partnered, you bond best by nailing the work life balance. You turn each other on by both being success-mongering machines and encouraging one another’s naked ambition, yes but also important to make romantic time for each other between the daily grind to keep the flame alive. Living and loving well, as fully as possible is your groove this month. Enjoy!

Image: via KIKA MULITZ LIVNO make up by Yvann

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