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So how about your ruler, love goddess Venus spending the next 3 1/2 months in your love/partnership sector! This is fab for nailing some beautiful understanding, harmony and healthy connection in all your important relationships; romantic/platonic/biz/family/whatever. Your native charm, diplomacy and interpersonal genius is really coming into it’s own right now, the better to score the sense of harmonious connection you so value in your life.

Of course Venus is also playing around with her lover, Mars, this month (especially early Feb), so yes your romantic moxy in particular is wildly energised right now. You’re a bit of a love machine and more likely to connect with someone who wants to be your love machine in return!

So it’s most promising, but whatever frisson is thrilling you -an existing lover/partnership blossoming or you’re on the prowl ready to meet some new cutie; it’s moving in its own sweet time and likely to develop more fully by October. So no rush, plenty of time to enjoy the ride in the meantime huh?

Meanwhile the Full Moon Eclipse of the 11th is a great for re-connecting with your tribe/swanning about in social butterfly mode/creative, arty inspiration to connect with your best talent and let the rest of the world know about it -you love this!

And then the New Moon Eclipse of the 27th is where you put this newly awakened talent to good use professionally. You are freshly inspired by the day job; Lilith in your ideas sector brings a kick-ass plan to make it work for you and you cruise into March with a new surge of vocational confidence. Brilliant!

Image: Paolo Roversi

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