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If you’re looking for an excuse to reconnect your glorious moxy and strut your stuff in Feb, the Leo Full Moon Eclipse of the 11th is a cracker!

I mean it ups your usual magnanimous emotional warmth for a start; where you make everyone around you feel more special and loved up than ever and they adore you right back –and why wouldn’t they, you’re irresistible when you play nice don’t you know?

And with Uranus sparking up your adventurous spirit, reminding you to live large and follow your dreams no matter what (just in case you’ve neglected this essential part of your nature recently), and Jupiter rocking some much bigger ideas/life plans that you’re inclined to share with anyone who will listen, frankly. Yep you’re out there talking up a storm; but maybe tell the difference between crapping on endlessly and targeting productive dialogues about your schemes might be handy, lol.

And also Lilith in your favourite, self-expression sector from the 15th –for 9 months- is where you get a grip on your most fundamental talent and work the hell out of it. I mean Saturn has you grinding away at perfecting your skills anyway, so you might as well flaunt it whilst your so damn good at whatever you do to maximum advantage for the rest of the year huh?

And it’s also fun to put your brilliance out there in art, work, glamour, flirt, romance, play, peak personal spunk and prowl your growl for a good time…

And then the New Moon Eclipse of the 27th is great for (1) a clue re monetising all this genius-yes and (2) love!

The emotional/psycho-sexual boundaries between you and any lover on your radar is paper thin by the end of the month; which could be profoundly wonderful for some soul-mating love story playing out in your love life OR realizing how deeply entangled you could become in some slippery, head-fuq scenario! It may be beautiful and exciting but also watch it, and keep a discriminating eye on where things are at as much as possible.

Image: Julia Stegner by Richard Burbridge for Vogue Italia

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