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To the extent that you are a social creature; with sparkling conversational genius that needs regular showing off and requiring plenty of human interaction to sharpen your wits and inspire your natural curiosity about life? You’re going to love the next 3 1/2 months!

Venus is gracing your community sector until mid May; so your social butterfly/networking moxy is way on, you are the life of the party/local scene and many a beautiful friendship will blossom, or suddenly appear on your radar in coming months. It’s the season to bond with your tribe! A gang who turn you on and have your back? Yes you’re more likely to discover who they are right now, and enjoy the company of like-minded souls.

So platonic connections rocking your world, and maybe even opening up all kinds of new possibilities in your broader life path for sure.

But we also have a Venus/Mars frisson going on here, encouraging certain romantic attractions in this equation.

If single, you are totally more likely to meet some cutie at the next party, your local café, via mutual friends or randomly in someone else’s kitchen whom you unexpectedly visit. Or at the next political rally/community group meeting (don’t laugh, we live in interesting, activist times and this is how we’re most likely to bump into like minded thinkers)?

If already loved up, you spend the next few months cultivating a healthy friendship/unconditional understanding/surprising new shared interests with your partner the better to deepen your intimacy.

And the Full Moon Eclipse of the 11th and Lilith in your love sector from the 15th has you communicating with maximum, raw emotional authenticity, for the benefit of all your important connections.

And then the New Moon Eclipse of the 27th is a revelation about your next, best professional move. A genius biz development, geared toward worldly success that actually serves a happy personal life incoming; the harmonious work life balance is your new happy place.


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