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If you would stop pouting for a sec about Saturn grinding down in your day job sector and making you actually have to work for a living? You would realize that Mars in your biz sector this month–and Venus there for the next 3 1/2 months- is super duper success mongering astro!

Your best, native talent is peaking/naturally on display and you’ve got the moxy for exactly the kind of shameless self -promotion to get the show on the road, re whatever vocational aspirations are currently turning you on. So as much as Saturn is pushing you to next level professional discipline right now, you get that it’s so worth it! Your best, strategic professional savvy and shining confidence in the world makes a little hard-yakka effort go a long way here; where you work smart, not necessarily hard for best results, especially around the potentially stunningly lucrative Full Moon Eclipse of the 11th.

I mean you also have Lilith rocking your fierce autonomy around any day-job decisions from the 14th; you do it your way or not at all as you increasingly find any kind of self-employment/professional freedom so rewarding. But you’ve got to be bloody good at what you do to achieve this; are you ready to thank Saturn for beating you into shape/honing your skills these last few years or what?

You’re ready to rock it, and it the next few months could be your big chance to prove your mettle to the world for sure!

Meanwhile, the Venus/Mars action is not only great for schmoozing up art and biz dialogue, but also hints at the broader scope of any love stories playing out this year. If you’re feeling a big connection now, the details/improved romantic communication will be clearer by October.

Image: Sheer Radiance pantihose advertisement

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