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Image: Helmo – Thomas Couderc and Clément Vauchez

Warrior god Mars rocks into his home turf of Aries tomorrow, from 4.49pm AEDT for 5 weeks of totally deliberate living...

Mars is how we access our go-gettem life force, and in his favorite sign-Aries- we grab our kinaesthetic energy from doing whatever turns us on, on our own terms because we're driven by nothing less than pure, raw lust for life and we don't care who knows it!

I mean Mars in Pisces recently has required such subtlety and tact, which has been character building and all (good), but now we're busting to assert ourselves more fiercely and damn well get ON with it already; yes it's the season to get ahead and we're so ready for this:

Ok so Mars rules physicality and physical strength, so wherever we're at in our fitness regime so far we now feel a definite, inner insistence to push it that much further; sweating it out at the gym/getting serious at the jogging track/honing our aggro via martial arts/a more challenging yoga practice promises such a rush of kick-ass endorphins for a good time...'s all about self mastery at the end of the day.

And Mars rules ambition and healthy, assertive power tripping in the world. If we want something bad enough we go get it, end of story. We don't stuff around with false modesty, we lay claim to our most important goals (anything less is a waste of time) and damn well put in the blood sweat and tears of hard yakka for spectacular results...

Image: Game of Thrones

Image: Vikings

So let's not apologise for what we want right now, or how hard we have to work to get it. We better be damn good at what we do and we better be in our integrity here; and if so the sky's the limit!

And Mars rules sex and libido. First of all men/the male principle in our intimate relationships is so hot right now.

Image: Abass Jaffri

If you're a man, you're loving strutting your most macho stuff -cos it feels so good. And if you're into men you're so turned on by the masculine principle in it's most raw, unadulterated form right now. Raw, primal sexual energy is on the radar one way or the other.

And it's worth noting that Venus soon joins Mars in bolshie Aries, so the feminine principle is also on fire and ready to give her male counterpart a run for his money! Gender preference aside, all our sexy connections are about to thrive to the extent that they're a thrilling, challenging, even combative meeting of equals; anything less is just boring this month.

Image: Vikings

This could be fun? Oh yes...

Let's claim our right to thrive in all areas of life, for a good time and (welcome) accelerated progress for the coming 5 weeks. Happy Mars in Aries x

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