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The month begins with the truly surreal love action that is sexy Mars/nebulous Neptune in your partnership sector. You’re so turned on by someone (or the idea of someone) but also so uncharacteristically unsure what to do about it. This could be a wild love affair that makes zero sense, an exquisite soul-mating scenario or some ludicrous crush on someone who is frankly insane –and either way it’s got you all inspired but also making you just a little crazy, huh?

Order (or as close as you’re likely to get to it) is restored when Mercury turns direct from the 9th, and into your creative sector just in time for the cool Full Moon of the 12th and you get to think about money instead. This Moon features Jupiter/Uranus sparking up a wacky new development in biz/family dosh/financial leverage/debt release that could so set you up for a genius new approach to whatever autonomous income/self employment/general flow of abundance you’ve been lusting after. There’s several more months of this kind of thing so 2017 looks great for the savvy, entrepreneurial Virgo!

And when Mercury meets lucrative Pluto in your talent sector just in time for the New Moon in your day-job sector of the 29th, you could tap into a truly inspirational new scheme/dream/project that really shines the light on whatever it is you do best and how to make a buck out of it –this will feel so good!

Also with Mars hitting your 8th house of shared resources from the 28th, you’re bound to have the assertive moxy to pull whatever financial negotiations are necessary here, which is helpful. And sexy Mars in the 8th house is also all about satisfying sex and emotional intimacy –this is where you make sense of all that weirdo romantic confusion of early Jan and align yourself with a much more satisfying, sane version of good loving for February –you’ve earned this, as if you didn’t know.

Image: Paolo Roversi, Infanta style

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