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Maverick planet Uranus is arcing up in your work sector right now, big time. You are in full rebel mode about any limiting paradigms/dreary bourgeois expectations re whatever day-job rut you are in/apparently supposed to be in at this point in your career. You are all about doing it on your own terms. You are either already running your own professional show and increasingly unapologetic about how well this suits you; or if not you sure have some sparky, genius instincts about how to rock a more you, innovative version of vocational progression as you head into 2017 –yes you can!

Because with Mars in your talent sector there’s no point denying whatever it is you’re good at. It’s time to come to terms with a fundamental confidence in who you are in the world –usually a core competency of yours, so why are you potentially struggling with this now? That would be Mars tangling with tricky Neptune in early Jan-which could go either way:

  1. You slide down a rabbit hole of choosing to indulge some grotty self-sabotage/addictive tendency/obsessively negative thoughts, thus diminishing your personal Qi? No you don’t.

  2. OR you tune into your best, spectacular inspiration and find the necessary creative discipline to express yourself with just a little more vulnerable authenticity and sensitivity in the world. This feels good and is also genius for boosting your personal charisma to next-level mesmerising, (I know, as if you needed it).

This can only energise your love mojo. When Venus joins Neptune mid-month it’s a soul-mating/high romance kinda feeling –but is this truth or illusion? When Venus and Mars nearly hook up in late Jan/early Feb might be a clue how close you are to true romance right now; and if/how/how hard to pursue it? Remain wise, and instinctual re this…

Image: Hannah Lemholt

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