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Mercury, your trickster ruling planet, in retrograde mode through your sex and love sectors until the 9th Jan has your busy mind juggling a million questions about romance that don’t appear to have any obvious answers… any excuse to make things more complicated than necessary in early Jan!

But Saturn is sitting firmly in your partnership sector, so you actually do know where you stand more than you think. Admit it, your romantic values are crystal clear. And so are those of anyone on your radar right now…

Which could be a mexican stand-off between uncompromising points of view or a solid, enduring meeting of equals with enough mutual respect to last the distance; and as likely as not both at the same time, with the same lover! Or if single, you (1) know exactly what you’re holding out for -way to work the quality control. Or (2) fully understand the value of personal autonomy and rock on, on your own terms beautifully.

Because when Mercury powers forward in your intimacy sector from the Full Moon of the 12th, you get on with whatever entanglement makes sense to you… ps, when sexy Pluto gets involved by the 29th, things get hot!

And this Full Moon also activates your most cunning financial intelligence. Lilith in your day-job sector and Jupiter in your talent sector have you flaunting your vocational brilliance for sure; and mid month is when you get your head around making some decent coin from this. Unstoppable Mars and charming/creative Venus in your career sector have your biz acumen running high –so make Jan the inspiration for a highly successful 2017 why don’t you?

Image: Jerry Hall by Helmut Newton

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