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Jupiter in your biz sector has you chasing the liberating idea that yes you can do whatever the fuq you want in the world right now, with a sense of limitless possibility you normally don’t allow yourself to indulge in. I mean you’re always solid in the self-worth/shameless self-promotion of knowing you’re damn good at what you do –it’s kind of your thing. But the exuberant thrill of playing way outside your normal comfort zone professionally? This is a new realization that’s been bubbling up since September (you’ve got till October nail it), and this month is a nice kick to action any promising new schemes you’ve been contemplating…

Uranus says your domestic/family scenario is gonna have to evolve just as quickly if you want to get the work /life balance right. And Saturn, your patron planet, reveals just what’s driving all this -nothing less than pursuing a career in sync with your true spiritual calling! I suspect 2017 will be a big one in this regard and potentially so rewarding; worth putting your best, confident foot forward right now for sure!

And the New Moon of the 28th could be a clue of how to monetise all this?

Meanwhile the Full Moon of the 12th is all about love. It hooks in the broader aspirations on your mind right now, and wanting a partner spunky enough to share a truly emotionally gutsy, transformative path with you, not just meander along the same old grind. Ok then! First walk your talk with any love interest on your radar; show them your best integrity the better to see if they’re up for showing you theirs? It’s your move next, baby.

Image: via : Lip Rock Holographic Silver Lip Foil

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