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So the Full Moon in your sign on Jan 12th is phenomenal, and activates the astro of January as follows:

  1. Pluto in your partnership sector is about deep, passionate connection or not at all; and Mercury the messenger god is tracking toward a high-level communiqué re this all month, peaking by the 29th. Whatever dialogue is brewing in your love life/biz negotiations/most important connections right now could be game-changingly big!

  2. Uranus in your career sector is in full rebel mode. You want a vocational scenario that rocks your world and allows you to contribute your own version of innovate genius/fresh new ideas to the world in return. Good. But Saturn in your day-job sector says there will be a certain amount of vocational discipline involved here, throughout 2017 …you up for that?

  3. Jupiter in your home sector wants travel, intrepid wanderlust and, if you must be hanging out at home, a fun home base with maximum oxygen to get your freedom on sans excessive domestic/real-estate/familial obligations.

By mid month you are beautifully in your groove with all of this in full, incandescent flow of your best creative expression (thank you uncompromising Lilith in your talent sector). You feel like the world is your oyster, to you freely shine your luminescent brilliance at will and you know what? You’re right. This kind of confidence sets a fab precedent for the rest of the year, don’t you think?

And then the New Moon of the 28th in your sex/cash sector and Mars amping up your charisma makes things just a little bit hotter for any intimate seduction or biz offensive you’re hoping to launch; yes you can win them over with your irresistible charms, of course.

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