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Full Moon in Gemini coming up 11.05am AEDT tomorrow, Dec 14th.

Full Moons are always an emo release point of some sort, and in Gemini the results can be skittish:

On the one hand Gemini is a mutable, fluid, multi-faceted air sign and doesn't want to get bogged down in anything too heavy -we prefer to play with nuance, witty riposte and permission to change our mind every 3 seconds. But on the other hand Saturn is firmly opposing this Moon; where there is a definite sense of getting our shizz together with our best, grown-up, self awareness about our current needs.

Because Gemini is also all about communication, and if we're not grounding ourselves in some kind of emotional truth (even if it is ambivalent), how can we possibly express it to others remotely sanely?

And we also have maverick Uranus -energised by Mars- weirding out the energy here; so whatever comes up this week is bound to be anything but predictable! Strange feelings arise, romantic admissions are blurted out, emotional transparency is on but so are whacked out complexities (probably at the same time) as connections are formed/unformed/re-imagined at warp speed...

Certain relationships/scenarios are in for an interesting reality check this week -and possibly surprisingly promising!

And apart from romance, our wildly fluctuating moods tell us so much about who we are, our integral relationship with ourselves/our own needs and what we honestly want out of life right now. It's a great time to listen to this stuff and re-align our personal co-ordinates/direction accordingly as we head toward the season of New Year's resolutions.

But there's also the fact of just strapping in for the ride and accepting the weird and wonderful for what it is -life is a strange bloody adventure after all and this Moon is no exception!

Happy Full Moon x

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Image 2: Mandy Walden

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