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If you happen to be seeking to heal/problem solve/finesse any issues in your most significant relationships right now –you might want to look at Bitch Lilith in your communication sector sorting out Healing Chiron in your love sector for maximum insight.

There is a certain spunk in expressing oneself with razor-sharp, articulate, savvy authenticity and you tend to have a brilliant grasp of this –it’s like a core competency of yours. And Lilith is revving this up beautifully right now, which is great for keeping it real and cultivating more healthful, sexily genuine relations right now.

But you know that extra edge of bristly critical thinking, taking no shizz on principle, micro managing everyone in your orbit that you’re sometimes tempted to get into? (admit it). Lilith has you potentially bitching it up a tad more than necessary with your loved ones this month, so you might want to watch that…

Because Uranus in your intimacy sector is a kinaesthetic charge sparking up any love affair/attractions on your radar, which is exciting for sure, but not exactly, stable. The same electrical chemistry that awakens thrilling sexual connection (yes it’s happening this month) can also provoke wildly unexpected, random tantrums and demands for personal space that need to be negotiated intelligently. Jupiter says an open-minded, trusting, expansive attitude to any new developments here allows you to focus on positive new possibilities, as opposed to just reacting blindly, yes?

And Jupiter also has you in fabulously abundant money mode; especially if you harness the raw power of Pluto in your talent sector and prepared to put some grunt into taking a risk on doing whatever you already do best …but even better than before! Obvious advice I know, but worth meditating upon if you want to break through some creative/financial barriers right now, for a good time. By the New Moon of the 29th you should have a fab grasp of this, and ready to rock your best personal confidence into the new year… well done.

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