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As far as the work life balance goes, rarely have you been so fired up to make sweeping changes across the home and biz front all at the same time!

Uranus in your vocational sector is restless as fuq, and given a choice between comfortable complacency or shaking it up for a more exciting/innovative (albeit less stable) version of the Cancerian career? Oh yes, you’re choosing thrilling new possibilities/a maverick professional attitude for sure!

The Full Moon of the 14th is you in full, visionary mode and pursuing the whole soul path/spiritual calling thing. You’re more turned on than ever by rocking your fundamental, essential talent in the world (thank you uncompromising Lilith in your creative sector); and will settle for nothing less than doing something excitingly challenging/genuinely fulfilling for a buck, so there. Yes you best own this imperative, for best results.

And then there’s restless Jupiter in your domestic sector. For such a famous homebody you are so fired up to travel/explore new horizons/score some freedom of movement right now! Ok this cold be literal in terms of a big, exotic trip or a big move to a more inspiring home base on your mind? Or a subtler version of doing your own thing this month, sans too many stultifying familial/real-estate demands? Or you want to add to your family, or take them with you on some fab new adventure? It’s a promisingly expansive month, one way or the other…

And love, in case you’re wondering? You might want to check out the New Moon of the 29th for an explicit conversation with your lover about where things are at. This will be the pure, genius simplicity of sharing true feelings with one another and suddenly on the same, promising page again! Or if single/on the prowl stay tuned for a random, fascinating conversation with some equally intelligent cutie suddenly swerving into flirtatious territory –how fun!

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