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So WTF is up with your love life right now?? Restless Uranus in your sign is triggering the hell out of lucky Jupiter in your love sector, and it feels like all bets are off:

Uranus kind of makes you want to reveal your true self and embrace some crazy, weirdly promising, emotionally authentic ride with whoever is turning you on right now. And Jupiter says whomever you’re into (or is about to turn up?) is totally into it! I mean nothing heavy or forced, but the thrill of taking a risk on an amazing connection for no other reason that it feels unaccountably exciting is kind of your thing this month…

But Uranus also has you itching to cut and run on any entanglement that feels even vaguely tenuous –the call of personal freedom and space to emotionally breathe is so alluring right now! Especially if the object of your (potential) affection is vibing at all scatty/unobtainable -you just can’t be bothered!

So romance has huge potential but also super fluxy -things could really go either way at this point, so stay tuned into your clearest instincts and, especially around the Full Moon of the 14th, communicate them intelligently (as opposed to just randomly blurting out your ever-changing intentions to some poor befuddled lover, lol).

Meanwhile, Pluto has you also vibing blisteringly authentic in any biz/career decisions. You are fearless about claiming your dues at work/power tripping the power trippers right back (and being better at it-obviously)/even swerving the career path in a whole new, personally transformative direction if necessary? By the New Moon of the 29th you might just have a workable, surprisingly savvy strategy going on re this to get on with into the new year… Exciting times ahead!

Image: Cate Blanchet, Elizabeth the Golden Age

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