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So it's been a wild week and we could really use some grounding, and what better energy than lushy, nourishing Taurus to calm us down and soothe our frazzled souls? Viola, Full Moon in Taurus coming up, 11.52pm tonight AEDT -thank fuq.

Full Moons are an opportunity to bring to a head any emotions brewing in the previous month (and there's been a helluva lot recently!), the better to properly feel, express and release them. And Taurus allows us to really tune into the tangible, kinaesthetic emotional body and feel the truth of where we're at deep down in our bones. No fancy analysis required (we've been way too much in our intellectual headspace recently); just to be, right here right now and embrace the experience...

Yes it's being called a Supermoon, because Luna is full at the closest point to the earth she has traversed for nearly 70 years; so with the ruler of raw emotion in such rare, close proximity to us, whatever we're feeling is fuqing intense today!

So what do we do when our most imperative, demanding emotions/instincts/needs come at us so overwhelmingly? Comfortably numb denial/disassociation? Boring! Acting out our every whim/temper tantrum/needy shizz selfishly & indiscriminately? Possibly destructive. Shoving it down by indulging in comfort eating/substance addiction/sensual overload? Ok very Taurean and hugely tempting right now, but again not so much...

Ok and this Moon also triggers Lilith in Scorpio, so the urge to bitch it up is quite real! Yes, this is a brilliant time to stand firm in our most spectacular, raw authenticity and relish the satisfaction of truly not giving a flying fuq what anyone thinks about it -excellent! But cruising for some recreational conflict, for cheap thrills and feeling temporarily better/more justified about our own conflicted, unresolved shizz? Again, not so useful, obviously.

Image: via cafe inevitable

What we want is to just BE PRESENT and FEEL the FEELINGS. Invite them in as they appear, and let them flow through us on their own sweet terms. We forget labels like 'positive/negative' or 'good/bad' emotions, and accept the flow/rush of emo for what it is...

The best way to a good relationship with our feelings/desires/appetites is a good relationship with our body-where they all reside. It's such a great Moon for healthy sensual pleasure/sexual satisfaction/massage/therapeutic bodywork/yoga/good, delicious, nourishing food/rest/satisfying hard work -whatever turns us on and connects us with the delights of life-affirming physicality.

This Moon invites us to love the life we live right now, and if it doesn't feel so great do something -as simple and positive as possible- to live the life we love...

Happy full Moon, let's go howl our little heads off, huh x

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