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Image: Cade Buchanan, Spaceman

So warrior god Mars tripped the light fantastic into futuristic Aquarius on Nov 9th -until December 18th, and what have we here?

Mars rules, if not the actual patriarchy then certainly the 'masculine' imperative to go forth and conquer, wilfully assert and satisfy our desire nature and basically Boss it Up in the world. And Aquarius does it with a maverick, unconventional, rebellious style for sure.

Without wading into the political discourse, it's symbolically interesting that we now have a male archetype in leadership who -apart from being as weird and surreal, to the point of comical, a figure as can be imagined-many see as an outsider/anti-establishment/rebel/free thinker /iconoclast (all the better Aquarian qualities, & it's great we're seeking such ideals). To which I say WTF, he is as deeply elitist and embedded in the establishment as the rest of them but hey, that's just me. Aquarius energy is traditionally associated with blessed unrest/social justice/innovation/conscious revolution/free thinking but also the sterile/politically correct/collectivist/mass hypnosis associated with a fascist state. Just sayin, things could (broadly) go either way right now and it's important we all respond the the turning of the political wheel/cultural zeitgeist with our highest, most honourable and inclusive attitude toward one another, right? The thing that will save humanity right now is our own humanity to one another (and other sentient beings) every day, in every way -it's up to us to get it right!

Image: Rob Brezny

Ok so current affairs aside. Mars rules ambition, drive to thrive and healthy assertiveness and anger management in our daily lives. So in airy, intellectual Aquarius we're being asked to think before we act, and also give ourselves permission to really step outside the box and find more innovative, inventive ways to express our own unique, authentic needs as they continue to evolve (which they are doing rapidly right now); not just keep banging away at boring, habitual old goals that are fast becoming redundant. Know what I mean? Let's be keep our aspirations fresh and current.

And Mars rules sex. Normally I would say that our libidos take a back seat to more cerebral, platonic concerns in Aquarius; where quality friendship is more important than romantic relating. And yes, it is a great time to cultivate a more solid, unconditional friendship with our lovers, the better to move forward together on the same page -or perhaps the season where certain, ostensibly platonic 'friendships' can explore any sexual frisson that was always simmering under the surface? Certainly the combination of being good mates and hot blooded attraction works beautifully here. Not to mention some extra permission to action any of the more unconventional attractions/sexuality going on for us right now?

Image: Eugenia Loli

Because Mars is now in sync with Venus into Capricorn (more on that later)-classic mating astro and with sexy, transformative Pluto pulling them together! This week is actually rife with powerful attractions, romantic chemistry, massive romantic reveals (?) that could have us seeding/beginning/ending/fiercely transforming/negotiating the deeper levels of our love connections all over the place...

It's a big one, and the best we can do is stay as gutsily authentic as possible about what we truly desire, allow our lovers to do the same/or our singledom reveal our autonomous path that much more clearly -and let the chips fall where they may. Change and personal growth is coming, one way or the other, via our personal connections so let's keep it determinedly, integrally real, huh?

Happy Mars in Aquarius x

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