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New Moon in Scorpio 4.38 this morning, AEST; we are coming off a most potent, magical energy here...

Scorpio Moons always crack open our most authentic, primal source of personal power and help us to grab it, and direct it positively toward whatever fresh new transformations we're seeking in our life. Of course a few demons/toothy emotions might fly out of the basement as well but you know, we let them go the better to fly free ourselves; fierce, beautifully unencumbered and nothing but inspired by our brilliant future.

We also have clever Mercury helping us to stay sharp, in the sense of remaining very conscious of our thoughts and words right now.. the power of speaking our truth clearly and intelligently (whether in the form of ritual/prayer/daily self-talk/savvy conversational clarity) the better to manifest it is an old witchy trick from way back -and it works!

Because Neptune, the most truly magical, visionary, spiritually inspired planet of all is also on hand to lend us some higher inspiration to tune into whatever dreams are really turning us on right now -and not just make them happen but actually become them -let's not just dream the dream, let's live it!

We are also tapping into the Destiny Point, to reveal exactly which promising direction we're heading for, vision quest style, if we play our cards right... We may not know the exact destination yet, but we do know-in our bones- when our inner compass is pointing toward it, know what I mean?

Let's stay true to course, a keen eye on our most inspired potential for the rest of the month...and keep moving no matter what.

Happy New Moon x

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