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The gods of change are shining a light on any dodgy old baggage that might be lurking in your romantic/relational history –old patterns and attitudes you keep repeating /a perpetual ‘type’ you seem constantly drawn to/an actual ex or old flame suddenly lurching out of the shadows of love past? As you’ve no doubt guessed it’s not about sliding backwards and indulging in any of this as some kind of ongoing life plan (lol) –it’s about clearing/resolving/learning from the past (including unearthing and refining all that emotional wisdom/romantic intelligence you’ve picked up along the way) - the better to move forward to a more current way of doing things. Obviously, right?

So apart from a new and improved love life, the point of all this is to really align with the North Node-aka the Destiny Point- currently super energised in your sign. There is an inner push propelling you forward right now, to identify and embrace your true path/calling/vision/ambition/journey, whatever you want to call it. As Jung suggested when he said Character is Fate, the more we cultivate self-awareness and truly walking our talk with absolute integrity, the more we are naturally drawn to our correct place in the world and lady luck guides us toward it with increasingly perfect synchronicity. Know what I mean?

Lucky Jupiter in your income sector hitting up Mr Potent Pluto in your talent sector adds a nice synergy to do what you’re good at with unapologetic brilliance, play with the creative process and hopefully get some coin coming in as you go… and Mars into your work sector from the 9th adds the work ethic to stick with it. Go gettem…

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