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November is here, and in keeping with Scorpio season it's straight-up, get your shizz together and get on with it time. The horoscopes are ready to go here

We have Jupiter and Pluto promising such potent, unstoppable, empowering and frankly lucrative (yes wealth kind of matters right now) potential in the world this month. and Venus in Capricorn is wildly ambitious which is exciting, but when she meets Pluto late Nov we're gonna know exactly what we have to fiercely transform in our lives in order to get there!

... so we're driven by a lust for success, but we have to goddamn work for it -I know, as usual.

The South Node/Neptune thing has us dredging up every single ghost from our past and grappling with whether to hold onto/refine/or ditch certain old patterns? The more we make peace with our history, the more we can be truly present for the now; the better to charge into the future fully unencumbered and beautifully aligned with our most authentic Destiny. By the New Moon of Nov 29th we will be all over this!

Meanwhile the Full Moon of the 15th is a sexy little diversion of some kind -if we're into that kind of thing?

Happy November and go gettem Tiger x

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