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The magical New Moon of October 31st has set you up for a beautifully empowered, self confident and potentially lucrative approach to embracing the opportunities of November. With lucky Jupiter rocking your sign you know you want to live large and hook into some kind of abundant flow of wealth through your life, with which to fund a more adventurous existence –and with Jupiter hitting up powerhouse Pluto you know you can!

Pluto is actually transforming your life from the ground up – you get the home/family base right first, the better to launch those bigger escapades that Jupiter is calling you toward. With your ruling planet, Venus, on board from the 12th you immediately address any domestic issues with that most obvious Libran obsession –home décor! In the Libran rule-book there is nothing that can’t be fixed and perfected with soft furnishings/the right colour palette/quality textiles/harmonious feng-shui/whatever –a beautiful home is the sanctuary that soothes the soul no matter what the rest of the world throws at us. So sure, obey any make-over/decorating impulses you have right now –your aesthetic instincts are probably quite on point!

But also Pluto might be suggesting you look a tad deeper, at any familial/housemate/relationship dynamics (power trips?) that need to be transformed right now. When Venus meets Pluto around the 25th is an ideal time to broach any such issues with the full power of your smooth, persuasive negotiating skills; where you might suddenly be able to shift some quite heavy shizz with a cup of tea, nice conversation, spirit of co-operative mutual support and viola! Before they know what’s hit them some co-habitant has been tricked into a new phase of blissful, win-win domestic harmony with you –god you’re good!

Meanwhile Neptune/South Node biz in your work sector has you unearthing a whole bunch of hard earned professional skills that you’d been taking for granted and almost forgot you had! It’s time to remember that yes you are good at what you do, quit coasting along and do something about it. yes?

And love? The Full Moon in your sex sector of Nov 15th is hotness itself, in case you’re interested…

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