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The New Moon of Oct 31st was a bit of an eye opener –in a good way, about your day-job potential and the rewards that come from a fiercer and smarter work-ethic right now. Thus do you approach November with a savvy eye to intelligent professional progress…

The South Node/Neptune action in your vocational sector is getting you to identify, unearth, re-evaluate and perfect all those skills you’ve been busy cultivating all these years; it’s time to use them! It’s all about inspired new strategies to rock your innate professional genius in November-the better to score the biz success and work/life balance/lifestyle you really want.

Meanwhile, love goddess Venus into your love sector until the 12th, and then into your sex/intimacy sector until Dec 7th. So if you enjoy a renewed blast of chemistry/devotion with an existing partner or some new love interest turns up and rocks your world early Nov-the second half of the month reveals the nitty-gritty of intimate vulnerability and exactly what you’re gonna do about it!

When Venus meets Pluto around the 25th, in particular, could be one of the hottest date nights/fearless romantic declarations, and emotional breakthroughs (whether single/loved up/whatever) of the year! Keep it as raw, real, and open to transformative new realizations as possible for best results…

The New Moon of the 29th is a nice clue about how all this progress re romance/biz partnership/happy home life is going to unfold in December –keep an open mind huh?

Image: Vladimir Clavijo

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