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The magical New Moon of October 31st has set you up for a beautifully empowered approach to maximising your creative, arty, romantic potential; the better to fully, unconditionally embrace and enjoy life on it’s own terms this month, as follows:

Jupiter has you in maximum wanderlust mode-you want a cruisy home base that affords you a lovely lifestyle, the freedom to live large and maybe travel/take off at a moment’s notice should the mood to do so possess you. And Pluto wants you to get down and dirty, for maximum authenticity in any key relationships for pretty much the same reasons… the Cancerian vibe right now is so the more you let me do as I wilt the more I’ll love you for it…

Venus into your love sector from Nov 12th is brilliant for your romantic mojo. If you already have a partner they’re loving you up more beautifully than ever, and if you’re on the prowl this is key timing for some gorgeous new cutie to turn up and rock your world with fresh romantic possibilities!

It’s Cancerian mating season from mid Nov-early Jan, actually, so you have a few months of cultivating an important partnership/love affair, or fielding a bunch of sexy new offers coming up. When Venus meets hot-blooded Pluto in your love sector around Nov 25th is a particularly potent opportunity for some hot date night/exquisitely vulnerable conversation with that special someone/random, karmic encounter with someone deeply exciting? It’s super sexy and emotionally transformative, either way…

And the New Moon of the 29th sets you up for a way more positive, savvy and intentional approach to the day job for December –and indeed your broader vocational plans for the coming year. Especially if your interests lie in education/upskilling/writing/academia/international or online biz opportunities – you’re about to positively nail it!

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