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The New Moon of October 31st was a most effective insight into how you do intimate/sexual/financial/biz entanglements, setting you up for a beautifully empowered approach to embracing the opportunities of November, as follows:

The Jupiter/Pluto square reveals the synergy between confident, positive relating and the confidence to make super empowered decisions to maximise/dramatically transform your career potential. Biz partnerships/relationships in some very promising vocational thing are firing on all cylinders here for sure…

And your personal relationships are more supportive of your career plans than ever –especially if you bring it home and share the spoils of your success with your loved ones. If you’re feeling good about yourself; maybe treat someone special to some extra attention/a night out/more consideration/whatever and share the love & positive vibes around for a good time… Big romantic growth is actually totally there for you right now, but you have to reach out and believe in it!

Meanwhile the Neptune/South Node biz in your soul sector unearthing some lovely, innate spiritual inspiration you forgot you had, and will serve to light up and guide your day-job efforts should you choose to dig deep, unearth and re-work your deepest, most visionary vocational calling…

Then the Full Moon of the 15th is about payday re this; if you’ve been searching for a way to make good coin for what you love, mid-month onwards a big clue & pointing you in the right direction –which has got to be nicely motivating, huh?

And your ruling planet, Mars into your social sector from the 9th is 5 weeks of rocking your networking moxy the better to get ahead, and getting out and about for fun times connecting with your tribe –yes you’re newly in demand on the scene, for sure.

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