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If you’ve been looking for an excuse to launch some grand new financial strategy/brazen new earning paradigm to make some larger than life coin on your own terms, the New Moon of the 1st would be it.

This one has lucky Jupiter, freshly in your cash sector all over it; with a next-level abundance consciousness rising up in your life for the whole year ahead! So any cool new moves you want to try on, in early October are actually brimming with long term potential. Yes, it’s brilliant if you also keep your wits about you. But randomly splurging on some ridiculous spending spree/hare brained biz scheme just for kicks/the thrill of being momentarily loose with your usual sharp cash savvy? Not so much.

You want to really tune into your gut instincts re this, around the Full Moon of the 16th; which reveals a great deal about the viability (or not!) of any crazy-assed biz/money schemes you have been hatching. Perhaps best wait until mid month, to throw your full weight behind any big $ decision one-way or the other.

And this Full Moon is also awesome for scoring some breakthrough radical candour/wildly exciting new developments in any sexual/emotionally intimate entanglements going on in your life. It’s not exactly a stable, predictable energy when it comes to your love life; but it’s a thrill a minute if you’re looking to push the status quo to the next level of wildly authentic connection.

If you’re on the hunt, some madly, inexplicably attractive new contender could turn up mid-month to get you all hot and bothered. And if you’re already loved up you take a risk on some cool new experience together, the better to keep the connection as alive, evolving, interesting as possible…

Venus and Lilith in your comms/ideas sector help to keep your thinking as clear and innovative as possible in all areas of life; the better to maximise the cool new developments of October. Excellent.

Image: Paolo Roversi

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