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What with Saturn grinding your native exuberance into one long, relentless, seemingly endless lesson in correct work ethic right now, you need some fun/mental fresh air to balance it out…and your ruling planet, Jupiter lighting up your social/vision sector for the whole next year could be just the trick!

A new social confidence/re-connecting with your tribe/hanging out with cool, like-minded crew/taking time out of the daily grind to nurture into the aspirational goals that turn you on is the best way to hook into exactly the kind of savvy, productive social networking vibe that opens up whatever successful life opportunities you have been recently craving? Right time/right place synchronicity is so working for you right now.

The Jupiterian New Moon of the 1st is a welcome introduction to this; kicking off a month of more fun/buzzy social activity than you’ve had for a while. Maybe give yourself permission to just enjoy yourself a bit –the better to get your groove on/find your optimum flow?

Because despite Venus/Lilith in your soul sector having you gnashing your teeth with frustration at how few people get your hard-earned personal integrity, you are about to notice the special ones who do appreciate who you are more clearly; and there’s about to be even more of them drawn to your special kind of spunk…

The Full Moon of the 16th electrifies your magnetic charisma and beautiful talent- at whatever it is you do; your unique gorgeousness is so out there in the world and the more you believe in that the more everyone else will too!

Mars/Pluto in your income sector around the 20th is an unbelievably sharp flash of financial savvy- you think lucrative and actually act on it asap, for brilliant results!

And Love? Venus into Sag from the 18th says yes you are beautiful, desirable and worthy of exactly the kind of romantic attention you currently crave. Genuine self-belief is the surest pathway to being fully adored by your chosen lover… true.

Image: Neil Krug

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