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So you’re pretty good at big, bold, brazen thinking at the best of times; no-one can believe in the innate, abundant magnificence of life’s possibilities quite like a Leo –and how to channel that for maximum, unlimited personal traction in the world. When everyone was spouting ‘The Secret’ style ‘I can do anything/be anyone/manifest unlimited success in my life’ style affirmations you were like pfft, what’s all the fuss about –I was born doing this. Well obviously. Golden, positive thinking is so your birthright, and lucky Jupiter into your ideas/communication sector-for a whole year- is going to max this out for sure...

You think and speak good, life-affirming things, act on them and life comes back at you with good juju in return; it’s that simple sometimes, and you know it. The New Moon of the 1st is time to really work this magic, for a brilliant month of Leo success ahead.

And then there’s a real edge of ferocity to the Leo work ethic coming up this month. Mars in your day-job sector is firing up your lust to get ahead with whatever you do, as opposed to just banging away at the daily grind for no particular reason. You’re all about being professionally directional right now, and it’s sure going to pay off-you know why? Because Mr lucrative/power tripper Pluto, in your work sector aint mucking around –if you’re bothering to set goals at all (and you are), they’re savagely effective and you mean to follow through. Around the 20th in particular, when Pluto and Mars actually hook up is peak time to chase a very empowering and potentially lucrative career/fitness/personal awesome breakthrough.

Love? It’s a domestic thing in the first half of the month; where you mate/date at home, with an eye to sharing your most personal/authentic/unguarded self with whomever you care about. And from the 18th Love goddess Venus ups the lavish, full-blown romantic gestures (ostentatious declarations delivered with flowers and love poetry written in gold ink, grand seduction scenes, etc), which is way more your thing, frankly.

Image: Kate Bush, Lionheart

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