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The New Moon of the 1st is a fun, spontaneous, expansive rush of creative energy that will unfold beautifully throughout the month…

You might find yourself unleashing your brilliant talent via some vastly promising new arty, visionary project/professional initiative upon the world, for a good time and to feel yourself creatively alive, manifesting some magical new potential in your life.

And you might find yourself channelling some beautiful, effortless new romantic exuberance in your dating life/making time for quality, fun time with a special someone/a flirtation with lots of open-ended potential… it’s a sparkly, promising vibe for sure.

Then Mercury on board from the 7th is when you savvy your communication skills –even beyond your usual verbal genius, and finesse any negotiations around new arty/love possibilities in your life. Hint: keep it playful, zingy and light- as you always do so well.

But we also have to talk about the grindingly deep emo undercurrents of Pluto/Mars in your sex/intimacy/money sector around mid month –a sharp counterpoint to the above. This is where you come to terms with any power-trippy shizz/tricky convoluted entanglements/money dramas and deal with them with full tilt, healthy assertiveness. Aint no one talking trash about you, your biz or your loved ones that’s for sure.

Or (god forbid) trying to take advantage of you professionally/financially whatever. Bitch Lilith/Venus in your work sector early month fire up your creative brilliance at work but on your own terms that serve your ambitious moxy, thank you very much.

A genuine internal locus of power is so important here; as well as bravely tackling the power of raw, authentic intimate connection on all levels. I mean the loaded sexual dynamics of the month could be so hot! If you’re cruising for a smoulderingly meaningful/volcanic seduction or exploring your current relationship on a deeper, more real level of mutual understanding (thank you Saturn in your partnership sector)? Yes it’s right there for you.

Image: Paolo Roversi

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