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New Moon in Libra, 10.11am tomorrow, Oct 1st, AEST.

Libra new Moons are always a lovely fresh burst of creative, design, beauty, romantic and relational inspiration. We make art, love, good conversation with delightful panache; and looking glowingly gorgeous while we're at it. It's a refreshed approach to lushed up, stylish Dolce Vita living.

And this Moon is gloriously powered by optimistic, adventurous, expansive, positive, exuberant Jupiter. Jupiter is all about living large, the good fortune that comes from trusting in the bounty of the universe and saying YES PLEASE to life; so if we're looking for an instant upgrade to a more confident, exuberant attitude to our current circumstances? This Moon would be it!

It's a simple energy really; think ridiculously positive and act accordingly, be nice to one another, express the higher octave of our romantic desires and life will shower us with good times, positive growth and better relationships in return...

And yes I know Jupiter can be a bit over the top impulsive, and Libra a bit of a lush about the 'finer things' in life; so ok this could turn into a bit of a party weekend, and we want to watch the over-indulgence and greedy pleasure-seeking, beyond what's actually healthy, obviously.

In general, though, this is a magnificent rush of visionary self-belief, loving connection and happier times to carry us through the rest of the month...

Happy New Moon x

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