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Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Pisces coming up, exact 5.05am Sept 17th, AEST.

Pisces Full Moons are magical, fantastical, psychic rushes of heightened spiritual/creative inspiration and tidal, exquisitely tuned emotional sensitivity to, well, everything! And being an Eclipse and all only intensifies the buzz, obviously.

So to start with the obvious precautions; it aint the time for intoxicant benders, berzerk emo outbursts or attempting to supplant current circumstances with any kind fruity, fantasy version of reality going on inside our own heads. Just so you know.

But it is great for channelling brilliant artistic expression, poetry, meditation/yoga/spiritual practice, lucid dreaming-with dream journal bedside, rinsing our auras all sparkly clean in the ocean (or any spa/water therapy thing), therapeutic self-care and generally facing any emo imperatives welling up from our unconscious with enough gentle, mindful, grounded, courageous honesty to alchemically transform it into the gold of intentional, conscious living...

Which is a fancy way of saying deal with our shizz like grown-ups, own it and choose the most positive version of expressing and living our actual truth with actual integrity.

Because we have the wounded healer Chiron on board here, so there's just no ducking the reality-check of genuine emotional growth and gutsy self-awareness right now...

And that includes honest vulnerability in relationships, the responsibility of really caring about one another and raw/genuine connection (as opposed to fantasy-crush escapism). Jupiter newly in Libra is also on board, amping up the importance of expansive, meaningful, worthwhile relating. And retro Mercury on board has us grappling with tricky communication/misunderstandings all over the place, which we really need to handle intelligently.

This could be our big chance to clear the air, fess up, articulate our feelings, verbally connect with sensitivity and authentic vulnerability; and maybe get some real mutual understanding going on in our closest relationships? Perhaps time to take a chance on this?

But then there's also the flashpoint of bolshie Mars in Sag activating all this, it's oh so easy to take one of the following extremes here:

Start a fight for the sake of it, because the adrenalin feels good/energising and a fab excuse to go storming out the door in drama queen mode, leaving all manner of unresolved shizz to be dealt with 'later' -ie more drama to continue feeding off indefinitely?

Crack it, refuse to submit to the 'tyranny' of anybody else actually having feeling/needs/neediness/emo demands (including denying our own needs) -and go storming out in self-righteous I don't need this crap indignation, because human connection is just too hard?

Suddenly become so frustrated with whatever truth we've been repressing for ages that we get drunk/emboldened by the adrenal thrill of candid 'having it out once and for all' or whatever and blurt it all out inelegantly, in a forced attempt to get the conversation over with, already (Very Sag), with no emotionally grounded, authentic follow through?

Um... believe it or not it might actually be easier -and more blissful- to just open up and embrace the multi-faceted, unpredictably wild nature of intimacy and enjoy the ride this week?

Same goes for any aspect of life, where we're tempted to walk out on whatever matters to us because it's suddenly too hard/the thrill of self-sabotaging drama is easier (more fun?) than the steady pace of remaining emotionally congruent, admitting what we want and the vulnerability of seeing if we can actually pull it off, with time. OR trying to force it right now, because you know, I'm too important/impatient to cultivate my dreams slowly, carefully, mindfully...

Let's find some grounded place within ourselves; where we don't give in to the adrenal rush of forcing/denying/spectacularly sabotaging our desires just for the sake of bravado. The Pisces Moon says open up and feel it for real, first and foremost...

The better to harness the libidinous drive of Mars to honestly chase our highest, most authentic aspirations with clear intent and the willingness to put ourselves out there and work for it, live it, commit to the dream...

Now that's the kind of magical realism that Pisces is so famous for!

Happy Pisces Eclipse x

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