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The Virgo New Moon of the 1st – a Solar Eclipse!-is your ideal start to the month. You pull yourself together from the get-go with a fresh, sharp new attitude as follows:

This New Moon/Eclipse involves the Destiny Point, enlisting your most precise, genius instincts about your optimum, long term life path. You’re so tuned in to your own, personal calling in the world it’s ridiculous –which makes you super intuitive about where your next big opportunity is coming from and how to grab it! Flexing your best confident moxy/muscle in the world feels more natural than ever to you right now…

It’s also triggering the highly pragmatic Mars/Saturn action in your home sector. You know exactly how to score whatever domestic/familial/real-estate scenario you’ve been craving if you’re prepared to healthily assert thyself, and build this particular foundation from the ground up –know what I mean?

And it’s getting sexy Pluto in your play sector going. You are nothing less than potent when it comes to authentic self-expression in romance/art/creative self-expression; and it’s good for thy soul!

And then Jupiter in your cash sector from the 9th (for a whole year) is go-go-go for any brazen new earning moxy! Chasing up some fab new income-creation scheme/expansive attitude to how to make coin on your own, independent terms? Absolutely. Blowing it all on some mad spending spree/luxury goods lust-fest? Not so much, obviously.

And love? The Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse in your partnership sector of the 17th is a release of any pent up emo you (or more likely someone close to you) have been needing to express for a while… listen up/engage with whatever feelings are triggered as congruently as possible for best results. It’s also peak soulmating time –which could be amazingly, emotionally exquisite, but also fab for busting any unrealistic/delusional romantic fancies that may have been brewing lately. Telling the difference between true love and fantasy? Tricky but genius-if you enlist your native, discerning radar for that which feels emotionally healthy, appropriate and right. Well done you.

Image: Hannah Lemholt photography

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