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Jupiter in your social sector this last year has seen you out and about more than usual, on the hunt for your tribe/like minded comrades to fly free with; and now, from the 9th you have a year of a more introverted, personal growth vibe. It’s a great time for exploring your yoga/meditation/creative inspiration/spiritual practice this coming year, for a more blissfully accepting relationship with self…

Because Mars now finally out of your sign has taken the edge of all of that libidinous must get laid/must prove myself to (insert favourite lover/arch-enemy/rival/admirer/basically everyone)/must be tough/must make shizz happen in the world/etc that has been adrenalizing you all year so far. It’s been exciting, and productive being so driven and all; but now you get a chance to chill to fuq out and enjoy the rewards of being comfortable in your own skin for a while… Nice one.

But if there is one area you’re still Mars-ing out about it’s cash! Yes to being driven by earning good coin/asserting your financial viability in the world this month, because you’ve got the goods to back it up, even more than usual (especially when it comes to your commercially viable creative/personal charisma talent); so you do want to direct this money lust as savvily as possible.

The Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse of the 17th is a blast of creative and romantic inspiration –you get over any crappy old self doubt and allow thyself to shine luminously bright! Especially when Venus lights up your sign from the 24th, you’re in for a month of gorgeous, unstoppable confidence. And love? Venus says you’re looking good, baby, so who wouldn’t want a piece of you! …You are officially hot property right now, so why not go adore and be adored in return?

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