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The New Moon/Solar Eclipse of the 1st is a cool new sense of potential re the Pisces love life. The Destiny Point on board here has your instincts re long term partnership so on point; so it’s time to trust your gut and embrace any promising new developments with your best confidence. A newly inspired vibe with your current lover or –if on the hunt, a synchronous meeting with some intriguing new contender? Could be.

Because when lucky Jupiter hits your sex/intimacy sector from the 9th (for a whole year!) you want to be ready to go with some intrinsic trust in the romantic/emotional entanglement process. It’s time to be open to big love, sans doubt or limiting expectation, for your next big romantic adventure! And Venus in your love sector, and then your sex sector from the 24th helps you to suave up your flirtatious wiles beautifully to this end.

And if love aint your thing, perhaps a brilliant biz/creative partnership, and certainly a sweeter, more flowing harmony in all your personal connections is also brewing this month, which is nice.

And then, after dithering around all year, Mars is finally powering forward in your biz sector until the Sept 27th …you have been so waiting for this!

Taskmaster Saturn has had you on a hard-core work ethic regime for a while now, and September is the time to harness your best, brilliant vocational motivation to do something with this… Mars says that the Pisces career is exciting again, so hitting it hard at it isn’t a chore -it’s actually a joy because you can really see where it’s getting you for a change, and the Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse of the 17th is peak inspiration re this. Excellent.

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