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Love goddess Venus in your romance sector and libidinous Mars in your partnership sector this month has got to be a good thing for the Gemini love life this month!

Saturn has been asking you to keep your attitude to relationships as pragmatic, discerning and commitment-oriented as possible for a while now; which might have you feeling all suave and emotionally together or suffocated by spousal demands/fear of being alone angst crap? September helps, where you know you can do love well; you can flirt it up with your famous, glittering charm /nail some hot seduction and do serious emotional gravitas if/when it matters enough to make it work, long term… as required.

Whether your angle is on the prowl, dating with intent or deepening an existing connection –or even claiming the freedom of happy solo time… your relating skills are especially genius right now. It’s a great time to find a groove that works for you.

Meanwhile you might want to watch Mercury retrograde in your home sector till the 22nd; where domestic plans could be super fluxy right now. The New Moon/Solar Eclipse of the 1st inspires some fab new insights into your optimum next domestic/family/housemate/real estate development, so you might be itching to get on with it? Ok, but I would wait until after the 22nd, or even better Oct 7th, to take any tangible action on this; especially if it involves contractual agreements or complex interpersonal negotiations about familial dynamics/who does the dishes/domestic finances/whatever. Take a bit of time to get this stuff right…

And the Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse of the 17th is brilliant for tuning into your best professional instincts. You know exactly what turns you on vocationally and prepared to act accordingly –mid month is brilliant for getting your groove on re this.

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