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You’re kind of tapping your foot throughout September, waiting for Mars to hurry up and lively up your sign from Sept 28th-Nov 10th. Yes, October is going to be brilliant for reclaiming your sexy, extroverted moxy so that’s something to look forward to for sure. But what to do till then?

With bolshie Mars in your mystical soul sector all month, it’s about looking within, and soul mining your internal resources for your best, shamanic self-mastery. It’s once you’ve conquered yourself –including any angsty psychological skeletons/addictions/compulsions/self-sabotage currently lurking in your unconscious by the end of the month; that you can turn your attention outwards and conquer any the external challenges-the better to rock some tangible wordly success-your favourite kind! Yes it’s coming, but preparation is everything-and that’s what September is about… scheme now and act later is your genius mantra right now.

Meanwhile, lucky Jupiter is lighting up your biz sector for a whole year from September 9th, so you have plenty of time to chase your most positive, brazen, visionary ambitions coming up… Venus on board this month is where you cultivate your best raw talent, professional charm and shmick self-promotional confidence for maximum effectiveness, long term…

And Venus also amps your romantic attitude up... you want to love large! So if someone special, already on the scene is worth this you give them your very best this month. And if not-maybe your next buzzing attraction comes, literally, at work?

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