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Mars, your sexy ruling planet, is now on the move for real after dithering around all year; and you can finally get your rock n roll/living large style wild thing on. Thank goodness!

You’ve spent a lot of time recently fine tuning the dynamics of your deeper interpersonal entanglements, which has been a beautiful thing and all; but for such an independent, free-spirit as yourself the process can be a bit trying, huh? There’s only so many complex ‘us’ talks/nuanced intimacy/financial negotiations/emotional self-development you can take before your concentration span starts to lag, lol, and you want to just get the fuq on with life already?

Good, so Mars in your adventure sector all month is a breath of fresh air - you get to go focus on some open ended, visionary travel/academia/educational plans for yourself, aimed at scoring the kind of personal freedom you’re currently craving. Gotta love that.

Because lucky Jupiter lighting up your partnership sector from the 9th-for a whole year! –is a much easier version of how to do love. It’s about trusting someone you already adore that much more, for optimum, expansive romantic potential between you. Or, if single, letting someone in who actually rocks your world with some unexpected, mind-opening potential. Or the joy of liberated singledom, for a good time on your own, fabulous terms. It’s winner whatever way it rolls!

Meanwhile, the New Moon/Solar Eclipse of the 1st is a nice clue re your next day job, professional move –it’s something to think about/scheme on –because you’re so going to act on this big time when Mars and lucrative Pluto activate your biz sector from the 27th. Late month onwards is a culmination of many, sexy Aries vocational plans -excellent.

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