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New Moon in Leo 6.14am tomorrow, August 3rd (AEST), just 3 hours after Mars leaps into Sagittarius.

Mars has been dithering around in the deep waters of Scorpio for fuqn ages, so its like a blast of oxygen to have the Warrior God into fiery Sag again; and of course the New Moon in fiery Leo is the ultimate blast of emotional heat and firepower.

To the extent that the Moon rules our feelings, and emotional expression around relationships, this is where we get over any seething Scorpio dynamics and vibe magnificently warm, affectionate, caring and romantically generous, passionate, flamboyant even -might be the week to declare ourselves with some magnificent ardour? Could be, we are empowered enough within ourselves to bravely share our feelings/devotion/desire/friendship whatever with our loved ones, so why not do it?

And to the extent that Leo is about creative expression-and bringing out our best, confident talent re this, the New Moon is also harnessing the disciplined grit of Saturn. Our work ethic is way ON, for whatever it is we're good at, which is endlessly handy if we use it wisely. It's setting us up for when exuberant Mars meets Saturn around August 23rd, and that's going to be a breakthrough and half, to the extent we're properly serious about self-mastery and solid, achievement style getting ahead; might as well start preparing now, huh?

Happy New Moon x

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