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Venus into your sign from the 6th-30th is your annual chance to shine bright with peak beauty, glamour, charm, wit, talent, arty brilliance and all round shiny gorgeousness. So however you want to flex your Venusian muscles in the world in order to score a more desirable scenario for yourself, or just enjoy the Dolce Vita bliss this year; August would be the time to really kick it!

And even better, when Venus hooks up with lucky Jupiter in Virgo late month (exact on the 28th), is an exuberant self-belief that defies any odds that are even thinking about standing in your way. This is where relying on the sheer, positive force of your raw talent/clear intentions/ life affirming personal mojo is actually more effective than anything particularly strategic or control-freaky you might have had planned out.

Sometimes raw luck combined with supremely focused creative visualisation really does work! I can tell you now it’s not about holding back, playing coy or second guessing yourself-it’s a brazen, who gives a fuq what anyone thinks attitude-and seizing the day every day. Thus do you rock the brilliant opportunities that August is bringing to your door.

Specifically, the Full Moon of the 18th is a professional moxy lifter par excellence, where you profitably bring your very best game to the day-job. And the Mars/Saturn reality check of the 23rd/24th is a nice exercise in healthy assertiveness re whatever domestic/familial/real-estate biz you’re currently on about.

And love? Apart from Venus in your sign rendering you irresistible, the Venus/Neptune frisson of mid-month is dreamy, soul-matey, emotionally magnetic-with a certain someone already close by, perhaps?

Image: via unicornmania

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