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Sexy Mars struts into your sex sector just as lovely Venus shimmies into your romance/play sector around the New Moon in your home sector of the 3rd. You know what this means, right?

A love scenario that beautifully integrates your hot libido, giddy romantic yearnings and desire for cozy domestic bliss could be incoming/already happening/proving it’s worth right now. If you’re in love or hoping to be, you’re more likely than ever to be getting it right this month; with that exquisitely grounded, sensual, authentic-yet-pragmatic passion you do so well.

Because Saturn is also on board here-so intimate entanglements are either real-as-fuq and couched in proper, committed emotional bonding… or not so much your thing. But you’ve been thinking a lot about the reality of workable relationships lately, and the genuine, rewarding hard work it takes to make them happen -so you’ve so got this. Don’t underestimate the power of successful/authentic relating this month-you’ve earned it.

And of course whether you’re into romantic love or not right now, same goes for all your connections –familial/financial/biz etc; you’re beautifully onto it.

And also Venus into your play sector and hooking up with Jupiter and the Destiny Point is brilliant for your raw talent, arty or otherwise. Whatever you’re really good at-you go forth and make it work for you right now with good old shameless self-promotion. I mean you’ve got the goods-why not let the rest of the world know about it too and have some fun with that?

The Full Moon of the 18th is a nice clue how all this confidence translates to the bigger career picture. It’s all about obeying your formidable vocational instincts for best results…

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