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You kick off the month with a New Moon in your day-job sector on the 3rd, that reminds you what time it is when it comes to getting seriously inspired about the Pisces career.

Which is lucky, because Mars hooking up with taskmaster Saturn in your biz sector by late August wants you to be fully prepared to do the hard yakka required to get ahead vocationally. There’s nothing like the combination of being really fired up and inspired about your vocational potential and nailing enough genuine, daily discipline to actually make it happen. You’ve got it going on this month, baby, so best not waste the momentum whilst it’s happening-time to focus!

Meanwhile, love goddess Venus into your love sector from the 6th is lovely:

  1. Neptune/Chiron and the South Node in Pisces have been helping you to sort out your emotional boundaries for a while now. You are completely into the most soul-matey, idealised version of romance and your heart is beautifully open to it- but also coming to terms with any inclination you might have had for delusional nonsense re this, and getting so much better at keeping it real. Healthy true love vs unhealthy fantasy? It’s a fine line, I know, but you know the difference more than ever.

  2. The Destiny Point/Jupiter action in your love sector has been firing up a way more positive romantic mojo for a while now too. You believe in love more exuberantly, which attracts more lucky-in-love action, which encourages you to believe that happy outcomes are possible… it’s a nice momentum that keeps on giving.

  3. To this end, Venus attracts more luscious attention from your partner, the better to fall more in love than ever this month and nurture a happier, future-oriented connection. Or, if single, you attract a better class of romantic interest… you could flirt it up for fun, but there’s also the possibility that some new cutie in your orbit could end being something quite significant, long term! Your romantic instincts are strong right now, so listen up, yes?

Image: via weheartit

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