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So as a result of Mars spending the last several months ramming up your day-job moxy, you really get how motivated you need to be, to not only believe the vocational dream, but also do the hard yards, every day, to make it happen in real life? Good. You’ve successfully integrated that lesson, so now you can move on to Mars firing up your partnership sector for the next two months!

As your attention turns to love, you are that much more aware of who is turning you on, who are you turning on, what turns you on about love generally and how to embrace that more fully… Is your current relationship doing the trick -and if not how can you turn the heat up to re-connect with more primal authenticity? Or if single, your chances of unexpectedly careening into some seriously hot new attraction are so much higher than usual-so look sharp, keep your flirt game on and enjoy the sexy frisson, wherever it may lead…

Saturn on board has been keeping you on the romantic straight and narrow for a while now in terms of walking your talk, with a solid emotional backbone and a healthy understanding of what commitment actually means-whether that be commitment to a particular person/conducting yourself integrally/high standards of who you let in (or not)/the patience (not your favourite forte, lol) to let something worthwhile grow with time-or wait it out for Mr/Mrs right. So the Mars/Saturn hook up around the 23rd is a genius blast of satisfaction- you follow your instincts/libido straight into some hot thing/or out of something less-than, to free yourself up for something better; and to the extent that you’re being true to yourself either way, it feels good!

Meanwhile, Lilith is bringing next-level self assurance to your day-job efforts, pushing your most inspired, Neptunian vocational dreams into being. So yes, the successful career story you’ve been working on lately continues to unfold nicely…

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