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Full Moon in Capricorn tomorrow morning, 8.56am AEST.

Full Moons are always a chance to get in touch with our best, instinctual moxy and in Capricorn it's pretty earthy, pragmatic stuff -so we're wanting to channel our best gut intuition in tangible, effective ways, the better to make the savviest life choices we can this week. It's time to be attuned to our wild playfulness and animal cunning -and stay sharp about it!

And Full Moons are also a rising up of emotional energy, especially whatever shizz we've been assiduously ignoring all month... and get groovy with our true feelings. And helpfully, for this Moon we have a grand water trine flowing nicely as follows:

The Sun in Cancer says we want to nurture ourselves and one another with a little more genuine tenderness than usual. Mars in Scorpio says we want to fight/fuq/howl at the Moon/assert some personal power in the world/live more passionately whatever it takes. Chiron in Pisces says it's time to feel whatever wounding we're dealing with, in all it's vulnerable glory, and take full responsibility for embracing the healing process right now!

It's a fierce combination of emotional imperatives which add up to rocking our best self-mastery, en route to living as authentically as possible. And Capricorn loves a bit of bad-ass self-mastery!

Let's make this week count, in terms of emotional congruence in the face of no matter what life throws at us. To the extent we may be tempted to sook out/self-sabotage when things get challenging, we say no-no-no; we keep an eagle eye on believing in successful, rewarding outcomes instead and acting accordingly... So let's go!

Happy Full Moon x

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