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The New Moon of the 4th is in your sex sector and features love goddess Venus as well as clever, flirty Mercury. So if you’ve been hankering to go on the seductive prowl and get your charm on with some unsuspecting cutie? Now could be the time and could be fun!

But the emotional energy here actually goes quite deep-so July is particularly useful for tuning into a genuinely important (existing?) lover/love interest in your life and courageously exploring the meaningful, raw intimacy between you -because it matters, and might actually be going somewhere if you give it half a chance! And communication is key here. I know that ‘us’ talks, and entangled/complex questions of commitment are not generally your forte –you tend to prefer hit &run style outlaw love affairs or long, lingering arms-length crushes, yes? But how about July is encouraging you to open up to a deeper, more rewarding vulnerability and capacity for ongoing passion? Something to think about??

And-love or no- this could also be your cue to get some key financial negotiations on track. Pluto says you are aiming for nothing less than lucrative right now; you want to be pulling in some serious coin for whatever it is you do, because anything less is frankly tedious and a waste of your precious energy. The Jupiter/ Destiny Point hook up in your success sector says you’re aiming big, and only give a shizz about doing work that rocks your boat/excites you/offers you a freedom-of-movement, liberated future.

Ok great, but this does mean finessing your biz savvy/professional confidence enough to charge what you’re worth and generally stay sharp, savvy-charming and hard assed empowered in all fiscal transactions. It’s worth it-if you want to finance those big dreams of yours…and the Full Moon of the 20th is a brilliant clue re this.

Meanwhile, you’re so looking forward to feisty Mars back in your sign from August 2nd. Yep, you’re prepping for all kinds of renewed, hot-blooded personal confidence and external momentum in August (and its gonna be great!); but for now you work on a subtle, shamanic, personal growth process to get your spiritual backbone ready for the next chapter… good work.

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