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How good is the lucky Jupiter/Destiny Point action in your love sector! You have been hopefully attracting a better class of positive, genuine, good-hearted, attention recently –romantic and otherwise, which carries you through July on a wave of lovely loved up, emotionally expansive, life affirming confidence in human connection. Stay open to the bliss of this, it may or may not lead to some promising long-term love action (it probably will!), but either way it feels good to trust the process.

Also, Neptune in your sign in cosmic wild child, magical creatrix, spiritual intuitive mode (ok also let’s get trashed on cocktails/intoxication/escapist mode lol) needs to come to terms with the imperative of Saturn demanding hard-yakka focus and fierce work ethic in your biz sector. The challenge to work hard and smart enough to channel your best, beautiful, unique genius into a meaningful career that actually rewards and serves your spiritual well being: it’s upon you!

Mars forward in spiritual warrior mode, with Lilith on board in your vision sector helps. You are motivated by nothing less than claiming your right to free-spirited autonomous life path, on your own terms, and you’re prepared to focus your energy on making it happen. Things to concentrate on this month, to this end, include travel plans/academia/writing/media/law/taking off and taking a rejuvenating break form the daily grind-the better to scheme the next big life-plan…

Meanwhile, the New Moon of the 4th is beautiful! Firstly, you tune into your innate talent; you are so inspired, your creative/arty process flows with blissful ease, your rocking self-belief in whatever you’re intrinsically good at (and you are) fosters your best, charismatic self expression in the world for optimum successful results-and the world gets it!

And this is also where your romantic mojo picks up. Your flirt game is way up; if you happen to be on the prowl you’re so onto how to go charm your way into the next delightful attraction and have some fun with it. And if you’re already in love you let your lover know! Could be time to stage a gorgeous, playful seduction; making time for a fun day-trip somewhere or making eyes over a special, candlelit dinner-it’s about bringing the thrills, and good times back to your connection. Enjoy.

Image: via Pauline Grossen on flickr

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