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MARS in SCORPIO is on the MOVE & on the MAKE

So Mars dithering around on and off retrograde in Scorpio, pretty much ALL year so far (see here for more on this) has some of us a bit exhausted from brooding non-stop over sex/money/power trippy drama/purging old psychic crap/conquering compulsive addictive demons/self-mastering our libidos etc when do we get to get on with it and have some fun with hot-blooded Mars in sexy Scorpio already dammit???

Ok that would be now! Mars busts a move direct, 9.38am July 30th June AEST, and forward through Scorpio for the whole of July...

Whatever we have learned so far about our desire nature, ambitious drive, will-to-power, appetites and sexuality we are now ready to actually act on, and explore with some hungry like the wolf, courageous confidence. Let's go seduce that lover, express that need, pursue that coin/biz deal/job, conquer that hard-core workout regime, fearlessly ride that proverbial pony to the next destination, etc. If we want to give it a red-hot go, July would be the time.

Ok great. But also consider that the next few days or so is considered the 'storm phase', when aggro Mars shifting from backward to forward movement is a volatile, unpredictable, temperamental, moody vibe. Things are shifting from frustratingly thwarted to awesomely positive -god yes; but it's a rocky little transition until we find our feet in the new, more confident and successful stage coming up.

GoT nerds (yep, that's me-& spoilers ahead) will see a fab analogy in the recent Battle of the Bastards battle scene (how fabulously Scorpio is that); where Jon Snow & co stepped up to an awesome victory against the odds, but boy was it a bloody test of willpower before the tide turned in their favour. And to stretch the analogy, perhaps if Jon had listened to Sansa and waited a little longer until they had their army in order, it wouldn't have been such a costly, dangerous exercise to win and they could have defeated Ramsay more bloodlessly? Or maybe they needed to just charge in valiantly with glorious courage of conviction and do it hard in order to prove their mettle? Who knows.

So whether you get the GoT thing or not; the point is that if you're all riled up with the energy of Mars direct tomoz, and decide to charge forward with your best passionate agenda in love/sex/biz/power play too quickly this week it could be a wild ride! And maybe you're spoiling for a bit of rough, tempestuous action-fair enough. But perhaps if you approach things with a slightly more considered, strategic attitude you could achieve the same ends in coming weeks with less drama? It could even be the difference of a few days to line up your ducks before firing off the next round of forcing the issue-know what I mean? Listen, carefully, to your own gut instincts (they're bloody genius right now), to finesse the timing of your next bold, brave move in your life.

And if you happen to be waiting for a certain person (especially of the male persuasion) to come out of retreat mode and come at you more ardently/show their hand? Could be on the cards very soon...

We're bound to be feeling a potent rush of renewed, sexy, gutsy, confidence in our own life force and wonderful lust for life this week, one way or the other- channel this wonderful energy, wisely, as you wish!

Happy Mars direct x


Top image, Marlon Brando, The Wild One.

Bottom Image, Game of Thrones gif.

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