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The New Moon of the 5th in your income sector has you boggling at just how hot you are right now, when it comes to earning the kind of coin you know you deserve for what you do. This isn’t new news; you’ve always been quite the financial genius, and most excellent at translating your solid talent and professional schmoozing skills into the financial security/self determination you so value.

But I have to say that Venus on board, and activating the brazen creative brilliance of lucky Jupiter/ the Destiny Point in your self-expression sector is crazy levels of success this month; to the extent that you’re really, genuinely good at what you do (obviously), shamelessly promote your best skills in the marketplace, dress for success with a bit of flamboyant glamour-or just flirt your head off with that easy charm of yours, and basically work the hell out of any opportunity coming your way.

You’ve been building the essential self-assurance all year; to align with your best instincts and natural creative moxy, put yourself out there to make it work for you and do something you truly love doing as a full time gig. All of June-and the 20th-22nd in particular, rewards your efforts. Fab opportunities/validation of your talent coming your way? Yes, you’re ready!

Ok and then there’s love, and this is big! Lilith incoming in your partnership sector says ‘I need to be nothing less than authentic with my loved ones- I want to reveal my most genuine desires and agendas, unencumbered by pussy-footing around with ambiguous shizz about what I should be feeling or whatever, and just be my true, raw self no matter what.’ Ok, and you’re more likely to be attracting similarly hot-blooded types who get this about you, over the next 9 months; and anyone who doesn’t is a little less worthy, in your estimation? That sounds about right.

Am then there’s Mars back in your partnership sector. Your romantic choices are instinctual, libidinous and based to a large extent on primal, physical attraction-and you’re more likely than usual to have someone ravishing pursuing you in the next few months, and you’re ready to get on board with that! Good, you want to pay attention; as your gut wisdom re this is right on at the moment…

However. Mars is retrograde throughout June, so any sexual/romantic pursuit is actually surprisingly subtle for the moment. Yes, you can feel it coming on for sure, and you may well be dancing around a seduction/romantic confession with someone hot-for-you; but perhaps neither one of you are ready to fully strike just yet?? I can tell you now that any potential lovers/exes back on the scene/imminent ‘chat’ with your current lover brewing this month will flare up way more tangibly when Mars gets moving in July- so that’s going to be a thrill! In the meantime, savour/suss out the unfolding chemistry slowly throughout June…

Image: Aradia Sunseri

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